Microblading is the newest beauty sensation that gives anyone the perfect brows! Thick, thin, arched, or straight, the procedure of microblading gives you your dream brows. Considered to be a tattooing procedure, microblading is compared to the traditional hairstroke technique. Done by a hand tool with superfine row of needles, creating thin hair like marks on the skin, depositing pigments into the upper region of the dermal layer of skin. The impacting of color closer to the surface leaves strokes appearing crisp and fine.

3D Brows MicroBlading

Our 2 hour procedure includes, a special microblading technique made with sterile hand tools to deposit pigments into the epidermis. The results last between 12-24 months.
Our Price: $550

Powder Brow MicroBlading

procedure has an ombre powder brow effect. The results last from 12-24 months depending on skin type.
Our price $550

3D Brow + Powder Effect MicroBlading

Our 2 hour procedure includes BOTH hair stroke and ombre powder brow effect. This method enhances the brows. The results give off a natural effect that combine both techniques.
Our Price $650

Touch-Up Price based upon free consultation

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