Soft Wax or Hard Wax? How to Choose

Soft wax or hard wax? How to choose for you next waxing appointment. (Image source: )

Soft wax or hard wax? How to choose for you next waxing appointment. (Image source:

Goodbye stubble, hello smooth skin from head to toe. Want the lowdown on soft wax vs hard wax before you book your waxing appointment? Here’s what you need to know before you smooth:


Soft Wax

Soft waxing treatments use strip wax or honey wax—named that because it turns into the consistency of honey once heated. 


How Soft Wax Works

After being heated, soft wax is applied in a very thin layer across the area to be treated. The skin care expert may apply a thin layer of powder before applying to protect the skin from being damaged when the strips are removed. Once applied, the soft wax is covered with a thin cloth such as muslin or another type of non-woven material. When the wax has set, the esthetician will then remove the strip, bringing the wax and hair with it. 


Soft Wax Pros

We get it, you don’t have all day—soft wax can be applied and removed fast, and unlike hard wax, you don’t have to wait for it to harden. 


Soft Wax Cons

Soft wax is more likely to cause ingrown hairs than hard wax, so keep that in mind if you have sensitive skin.


Hard Wax

While soft wax is removed almost immediately, hard wax is allowed to cool and harden.


How Hard Wax Works

Instead of powder being applied to prepare the skin when using soft wax, apre-epilating oil is applied. Hard wax is also spread on the skin in a thicker layer—about the thickness of a nickel—and no cloths are used to remove it. Once hardened, the wax is removed very quickly, removing the unwanted hair along with it.


Hard Wax Pros

If you have sensitive skin or you’re going bare below the belt, hard wax is your friend. Because it only sticks to hair and not skin, it tends to be gentler on the bikini area. Hard wax is also especially good at removing tiny hairs (bye, lip fuzz). 


Hard Wax Cons

Hard wax isn’t as efficient as soft wax, so it’s better saved for bikini waxes and Brazilians—soft wax is a better choice for arms and legs.