Today, Himalayan salt stones are widely used to treat a variety of ailments and promote a deep sense of relaxation. And, if you are looking for a relaxing day spa in Brooklyn you may come and visit us at Venelle Salon and Spa. We have several massage collections that you and your family can choose from including this Himalayan Salt Stone massage.

Origins of the Himalayan Salt Stone

The Himalayan mountain range supports the world’s tallest peak on earth. But there is another thing that the Himalayas are famous for. For those not familiar with the hot stone massage therapy, the ‘Himalayan salt stone’ might come off as an unfamiliar name. These bright colored stones are believed to hold of the essence of the primal sea, which according to scientists and scholars is where all life originated.

The Himalayan salt stone might have an unusual shape but don’t let it fool you for once. The stone is potent with a plethora of healing abilities. Before we try to explain some of the benefits you can receive from a Himalayan hot stone massage, you need to understand how this healing is made possible.

How Does it Happen?

The journey begins in the nervous system of the human body. Our nervous system can be divided into two parts— Sympathetic and parasympathetic. The first one is associated with physiological changes in the body due to various external stimuli, and the latter is associated with calmness and restful behavior.

When you come home from a hard day at work or have an unwanted argument with your partner, you are indirectly activating the sympathetic nervous system. This creates tension within your body, and all this stress is stored in the form of muscles tension. This can cause you to feel tired and fatigued.

When you stay in this state, contributing to the wellness of your loved ones can be a difficult task to achieve. When the hot Himalayan salt stone is introduced to the body through a physical application, arrays of signals are sent to the brain. These signals cause a shift from both parts of the nervous system. When this happens, you begin to feel relaxed and calm.

What are the benefits of the Himalayan salt stone?

  1. The Himalayan salt stone can help reduce inflammation which is associated with pain and illness.

  2. On-going stress can deplete the nutrients and minerals essential for the body. The Himalayan salt stone consists of 84 naturally occurring minerals that are absorbed by your body during the hot stone massage.

  3. The minerals also help to exfoliate the skin and make it smooth and soft after a massage session.

  4. The stones can interact with the parasympathetic nervous system and create a stress-free ecosystem within the human system.

  5. They also help to balance the ions in the body and allow efficient detoxification.

The fast-paced world can present itself with stressful challenges and having your foot on the wrong boat can be a disastrous experience. To create a gap from the hustle, you might want to relax and get a Himalayan salt stone massage at a day spa in Brooklyn. The Venelle Salon and Spa can help you feel calm and relaxed with their unique treatment and facial packages.