How can anyone not love the vibrant streets of Brooklyn? It is a hotpot of culture, made strong by years of ever-evolving art and music. By day, you get a picturesque cityscape and by night you get that warm homey vibe.  In the middle of such a busy city, how do you find relaxation? We at the house of Venelle Salon and Spa can help you with that with or salon and spa service.

Find Time to Relax and Unwind

You might have been experiencing it on a daily basis – the city smoke and the endless noise. At times it can be too much and, finding some quiet and relief from daily stressors will help recharge our batteries. It will help if you get that much-needed trip to a salon-spa in Brooklyn NY. Having this experience will allow you to rest from the demands of life and prepare you for what lies ahead.

Treat Yourself with our Massage Specials

At Venelle Salon and Spa you can treat yourself with their house-blend Pampering Massage, a rewarding infusion of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Aromatherapy all rolled into one mesmerizing 45-minute session. If you’re looking for more, they have other options to choose from: the Nuad Pan Boram (Traditional Thai Massage) to give you a feel of Asian relaxation techniques, the all-time favorite Chinese Hot Stone Massage for that extra kick in those tight spots, and the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage to help you achieve deep zen calm.

Feel Refreshed and Rejuvenated with Our Facials

For your face, you may try their all-natural Eminence Organic Refresh Retreat Facial or the Blueberry Detox variant. Their Fire and Ice Facial Treatment gives your face a deep-working from antioxidants and a blueberry-paprika infusion, ending it with the chilled goodness of organic masques and creams whipped to comfort perfection.

Extra Care with Our Hydrafacial

Complete the whole package with our advanced Hydrafacial MD line to target fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, oily and acne-prone skin for all skin types. This gives you the complete LED light therapy with peels and infusions that are sure to make you look and feel younger. Hydrafacial makes use of professional-grade serums to repair pore-deep damage and can give you immediate results after every session.

All things salon and spa-related like body treatments, waxing services and many more are also found here. If you want to take home that Venelle trademark and treat yourself on a daily basis, we also offer hair care and organic-grade skin care products. If you want to experience this, visit our salon and spa in Brooklyn NY for a pampering extravaganza. After all, you deserve all the care in the world. You can also bring your partner or friends for a relaxing experience.

We at Venelle Salon and Spa offers nothing but the best when it comes to all things relaxation. Visit us now and enjoy a treat or two before you go back to your daily routine in Brooklyn.